Nick Stevenson at OITNB premiere

Nick Stevenson at OITNB premiere

There has been a huge buzz about this hot new show “Orange is the New Black” from critics and audiences. It’s apparent that the show has done a marvelous job in terms of showing the dramatic side of lives in prison, yet the writers never forget to add a touch of comedy. That said, Orange is The New Black is reaching for greatest “Dramedy” show at the moment!

Pete Harper from OITNB

Pete Harper in OITNB

Today, I want to talk about this character, Pete Harper AKA Piper Chapman’s bestie’s hunk hubby, the one with the Australian accent. It’s noticeable that Nick Stevenson is a scene -stealer. His character is always available to say some inappropriate things and lighten up the room. He makes you giggle like a high school girl. Today we will get to learn more about Nick Stevenson!

We met at Nick’s favorite restaurant, LAUT. Nick showed up right on time with a helmet in his hand. He made some food suggestions as I was a newbie to Malaysian food. Nick ordered some noodle soup and asked for some chili peppers, which is very impressive as I’m Thai born and raised and I can’t even handle spicy food anymore. We talked about the show[OITNB],his background and our families and we had such a fun time.

Nick and his motorcycle

Nick and his motorcycle

Nick showed me his cool motorcycle, which was parked outside of the restaurant and I asked him to make an Instagram video for his fans. Check it out here.

KR: Hi Nick!
NS: Hello! How are you?
KR: Ooh.. The accent
NS: [laughs]

KR: So let’s get started…did you audition for Pete Harper?
NS: I sure did! I went in as an American. I think the casting agent went through my résumé and asked me if I was Australian. I said yes! She’d seen that I’d done some work in Australia and she said “Do Australian!” And then the next thing I know I’m being an Australian!

KR: Please tell us about your first day on set?
NS: Well, I didn’t know what to expect, but then fortunately, the first person I met was Maria [Dizzia] who plays my wife, Polly. She was lovely. Then I met Jason [Biggs] and Taylor[Schilling].

KR: What was Jason like?
NS: Jason was great! Very down to earth and we just kind of hit it off straight away! He’s a good man and a good guy on set.

KR: That’s really cool. Will we see more of Pete in season 2?
NS: Yes, I’ve been told to grow a beard in season 2. I’m not sure how many episodes I’ll be in. I hope I’m coming back. Otherwise—

KR: I think your fans want to see more of Pete Harper! Maybe even visit Piper?
NS: I’d love to visit Piper.
KR: Yeah! One of these days Pete might want to take Polly to visit Piper.
NS: I don’t know why my wife goes to prison all by herself. It was a horrible place. She’s pregnant! Yes, so I want to go to prison to visit Piper.

KR: How are you dealing with the popularity of OITNB?
NS: I’m pretty lucky. I live in a quiet town and don’t go out that much. I’ve seen some tweets here and there along with a couple interviews.
KR: I see.
NS: It’s been nice– it has opened new doors for me. It’s nice to be recognized sometimes.
KR: I bet!

NS: It has also given me opportunities to more auditions than I normally get.

KR: That’s great! What impact do you feel social media plays the part in the success of the show?
NS: I think social media always plays the part in many things, but this show would have been able to stand on its own feet even if it didn’t have social media. It’s just because you got someone like Jenji [Kohan] — such a mammoth of the project. It’s always guaranteed to do well. Social media is always going to help, but I have a pretty good feeling that the show would have been able to stand on its own two feet, just on the basis of the good stories and some great young actors and older actors, too.

KR: Yes, I completely agree! There’s a lot of attention to relationships on shows so which one are you? Team Alex or Team Larry?
NS: I love Alex’s sexy voice, I like her glasses, and she’s a female— so, I’m probably team Alex.
KR: But, you might want to stay loyal to your friends.
NS: Yes, Larry is my mate, he’s my buddy so I have to get him through a tough situation. So,sexually, [I’m team]Alex. As a mate, Larry! There you go!

KR: Any new projects coming up?
NS: Yes, I’m working on a documentary that I filmed of a trip I took from New York City down to Memphis to work on a film that’s currently on the festival circuit.
KR: Awesome!
NS: The documentary is based on what’s it like to be an actor…the struggles and the good things you get to do. Hopefully people like that. Plus it’s all on my motorcycle so there’s the cool factor.
KR: Yes, just for your audience, I would say your bike is REALLY cool! [We both laugh]

KR: What do you think the audience will gain and learn from watching the show?
NS: It’s mostly about prison — it’s not something to take lightly. The show is so diverse and has so many strong female characters, so if anything — it will encourage young female writers or actors to want to chase their dreams.

KR: Let’s try to describe Pete Harper in 140 characters.
NS: [Laughs] In one tweet? Pete! Pete! Affable, goofy, laughable, stupid, patient, doesn’t mind a little bit of a drink, mischievous, and he’s in love with his wife.

KR: Are you going over 140 characters yet? Twitter won’t let you hit send!
NS: [laughs] But, he doesn’t know if she loves him! And he loves his baby, especially he eats food off his baby’s hair. [laughs]

KR: Alright, last question, what would you like to tell your fans?
NS: Thank you! Thanks for watching the show. Without your support, the show wouldn’t have been such a great success. Keep watching it– it’s going to be plenty of surprises, I’m sure. And enjoy it because that’s what it there for. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU! We wouldn’t have success if it wasn’t you guys! So, YOU ARE THE BEST!

Nick Stevenson and Kobsupang Robertson

Nick Stevenson and Kobsupang Robertson

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