One of my other fav meals is Chicken and Rice soup! However, I don’t like those chicken in chunk. My way to make it is to get minced chicken. You can get a packet at any supermarkets.

Anyway, here is my list of ingredients ;

A packet of minced chicken. I usually get it from a supermarket by me and it’s around $2.99/ packet

a bunch of carrots. I like those fresh ones.

a bunch of celery

white onion – pick a big one

fresh parsleycilantro .

Chicken stock – try to get those that says ” Heart Healthy” , ” All Natural”, and ” Less sodium ”

Soy sauce, salt, oyster sauce


Are we ready? Let’s get started! As usual, I like to manage my time while cooking, so I prep the chicken first. Marinating the chicken makes the meat tastes much better and it improves the flavor. Add a little soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt and black pepper. The longer you marinate it, the better taste it gets! I sometimes keep it in the fridge for half – one hour. Once this part is done. Cut up the vegetables – I tend to dice them up. I mean you don’t want to choke while eating your soup, do you? Once everything is all prepped, turn on the stove and pour half of the chicken stock in the medium sized pot. You can also add some water in as well. I usually boil the water with my electric kettle. Always have it ready while cooking so this way, you can add some water in when needed. Now bring it to boil and lower the heat. Add carrots and celeries. Give it a couple minutes then add the chicken in. I tend to make it into tiny balls before dropping them into the soup. Wait until cooked then add onions. Use your own judgement to see if the meat is cooked. Try it. Add some soy sauce, oyster sauce ( not too much ) and at last, sprinkle some cut up parsley cilantro ! By the way, you can cook some rice beforehand. I’m a huge fan of jasmine rice so I use that. Once both are ready to serve. Add cooked rice in the bowl and follow by the soup you make. I can guarantee you the freshness!