Holidays are right around the corner and tonight Stockings with Care Organization (SWC) and Hudson Station Bar & Grill hosted a bartending event for a good cause. The organization was created over 20 years ago by Rosalie Joseph and producer Tom Fontana.

Those who attended this event could help the organization by ordering drinks from volunteered celebrity bartenders and all the tips go towards this year’s Holiday Drive on the weekend of December 12th – 15th.

Besides drinks made by celebrity bartenders such as Aaron Tveit ( Les Miserables) , Matt McGorry ( Orange is The New Black ) , Carrie Preston ( True Blood ) and more, there were raffles throughout the night and a silent auction as well. The highlight of the night was probably watching these volunteered bartenders make drinks. What’s not to like? Everyone got to hang out with the actors they like and grabbed their favorite drinks knowing that the money will ultimately well-spent.

For more info about Stockings With Care, click here

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