Fans of Orange is The New Black know best about Janae Watson’s attitude and how she coped and dealt with situations in Lichfield prison, but Vicky Jeudy is the opposite of the character she plays; one of the sweetest people I know. We met for lunch a day after Season Two premiered at a Sushi place in midtown. She was in her sport gears as she just went to an event. Not going to lie, I felt as if I was hanging with a Janae doppelgänger. It was always great catching up with her after our interview last Summer.

What do you think of the transition of Janae’s character in Season 1 to Season 2?

I love how Janae is adjusting to prison culture and making friends.

Which scene in Season Two broke your heart, or was hard to watch?

The scene where Crazy Eyes beats Poussey! Heart breaking!

That scene was really hard to watch! So, which character in Season 2 surprised you the most?

Lorna! (Yael Stone) Oh man, she has issues. Crazy! Nobody saw that coming. Watch season 2 to find out!

Do you have your favorite character for this season?

I enjoyed watching Healy (Michael Harney.) He’s a great actor and so friendly off set.

In our last interview, you told me you wanted to play Pornstache, what about this Season?

It’s still Pornstache for me.

What was it like working with Lorraine Toussaint (Vee Parker)?

I love Lorraine Toussaint! . She is a giving actor, an incredible person and makes the best Caribbean food! In the words of Danielle Brooks who plays “Taystee” said, “Having Lorraine on set is like having Oprah’s master class!” It’s the perfect analogy!

How would Vicky cope in prison? I mean we know how Janae runs in Litchfield.

If I was in prison? Well, I hope I never land in prison, except if I’m visiting, or I’m on a show or something. [laughs]. Oh my goodness, I would want my friends and family to visit me every week. I would read every book I can get my hands on. Definitely, workout like Watson. Learn a new language, pursue a higher education and form lasting friendships. Keep the faith! I would remind myself that my situation is temporary and I have an impacting purpose in life. My life can potentially help somebody else who ended up in the same situation like myself. Look at the real Piper Kerman, she’s a great role model and a perfect example of using a negative past to create a great purpose.

Yes, she really did turn it around.

She turned it around and made it positive. A woman by the name Susan Burton did the same thing! Burton has a non-profit organization called ” A New Way of Life,” that provides housing and support services to formerly incarcerated women in South Central, Los Angeles.

That’s incredible.

Yes, she provides a successful transition back to community life.

OITNB has become a huge success. You have a lot of young fans who may look up to you. Since you play Janae, a former track star who landed herself in Litchfield prison, do you have a words of advice to your young fans?

I would tell them to be aware of the decisions they make in life. Every decision has a positive or negative consequence. I’m a firm believer in, “Bad company ruins good morals,” and that’s what happened to Janae!

I got a question from a fan of yours, she asked if you take fan mail? She’d like to send you letters.

Sure! Send it to Kaufman Studios attention Orange is the New Black. I love letters and gifts from the fans. Thank you.

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