Abigail Savage and I tried to plan a group interview hot pot style (the exact word she used) and that day arrived when I checked my mailbox and found out that she wanted to hand me a golden ticket to join a brunch with her, Barbara Rosenblat (Miss Rosa), Annie Golden (The Muted Norma), Lin Tucci (Anita DeMarco), Beth Fowler (Sister Ingalls), Dale Soules (Frieda Berlin), and Tamara Torres (The Weeping Lady).

We met up at a diner in downtown Manhattan. Meeting these wonderfully talented women was a true gift, as I learned a lot from them while having a blast. I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity!

Abby: So, everything we say from here on out will be recorded.

Beth: You missed out the good part when we got here. You didn’t record it, right?

KR: I know. I should have started earlier, but I wanted to wait for everyone and get permission to record this. [Laughs]

Dale: You are going to have your hands full transcribing this interview. It’s very time-consuming. I know it isn’t easy but it can be very rewarding.

KR: I know, but I’m willing. You guys are absolutely worth my time.

Dale: I’ve done a lot of ethnographic interviewing, and a lot of transcribing.

KR: Oh really?

Dale: Yes, I conducted in-depth interviews with disadvantaged HIV infected/Aids diagnosed male and female clients of the Women’s Center community of color. Those interviews were turned into “Role Model Stories”(pamphlets about how people changed their risky sexual behaviors) and a book was requested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a teaching material for prospective interviewers. I was credited as interviewer and editor of that book “Condoms Count: Stories from the Bronx”.

KR: Wow!

Dale: I learned quite a bit of what I know about what it is like to be in prison from the people I interviewed; who were some of the most courageous people I have ever met. The stories of their lives have definitely helped me do my work in Orange is The New Black.

KR: Wow! Thank you for sharing this, Dale!

Lin: So, a lot of juicy parts have already been said. [Laughs]

Annie: So, we really appreciated you are doing this.

KR: I’m thankful to you all for letting me crash your brunch!

Abby: Oh yeah? I’m glad we were able to get everybody to come and hang today!

Beth and Dale: This is wonderful.

Beth: We love the opportunity to be together.

Lin: Yeah, absolutely, we usually hang at events like WPA and we only have minutes to catch up. By the way, (turns to Tamara who is on her right) what was the hypothesis behind you crying all the time? [Laughs]

Tamara: I cried so much while talking I could write a book about why my character cried. [Laughs]

Lin: We had waited for a year to finally watch the show. I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s part in the show!

Abby: Yeah, that’s the thing, I read the scripts and I’m like, ‘Oh yeah this seems funny, this seems interesting, this seems dramatic,’ and then I see it come to life on the screen, and it’s like, what people do with it is really where the magic happens.

Lin: I loved the Valentine’s episode. I wasn’t in that, but I loved it.

Beth: Oh, I had to say this line…

KR: Let me quote you, Beth. [Whispers] “Would you shut the fuck up?” [Laughs]

Lin: Oh my god!

Beth: I sat at the dining room table reading the script and I screamed, “Oh my god!” I had to read why I had to say that line. [Laughs]

Abby: Oh yeah. She said that to Brook, right?

KR: That line was a huge hit on Tumblr. I saw a lot of GIFS. With the hash tag, “Sister Ingalls”.

Abby: Oh really, it’s a meme now? You are a meme now, Beth! So, you had a back story in, what was it? Episode 12?

Beth: Mine is 11th.

[The host greeted us and everyone started ordering.]

Lin: I would like a Bloody Mary. [Click, click] It’s my Sunday.

Abby: Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

Everyone: Happy Father’s Day!

KR: My dad passed away last year, so I’m glad I got to hang with you guys.

Dale: Oh, I’m sorry. How old was he?

KR: 67.

Dales: That’s my age.

KR: You absolutely don’t look it! And you all look fabulous today.

Lin: Keep talking, honey. [Laughs]

Annie: I saw Taryn [Manning] and Yael [Stone] on Today Show and I said ” Pretty… Pretty.”

Lin: How about Laverne [Cox]? She’s getting more and more beautiful!

Dale: Look at her on Time Magazine!

KR: So, did you guys finish Season Two?

Dale: Not completely.

Lin: I’m at 11th. I’m so close. Have you had any chance to watch it, Annie? I bet you haven’t! You’re so busy.

Annie: Everybody at the theater (Annie is currently in Violet on Broadway) comes up to me and goes, “Oh, I love your show!” And that scene [demonstrates the scene from the valentine’s episode]…

Lin: Oh, What you did in that scene, Annie!

Annie: Yeah, Stephen Falk (who wrote the episode) wrote something for me– very, very beautiful.

Lin: It was so poetic.

Annie: They gave us so many chances to improvise, so I had no idea which one they would choose.

Lin: Yeah, I love your character so much and also slightly envious that you didn’t have to stay up and memorize the lines.

Annie: Yeah, but then I have to read the whole script because my stuff is in the stage directions and I need to understand what is going on with my character. I can’t go from page to page to like Frieda or Anita or sister Ingalls. I have to read the stage directions, because that’s where Norma lives.

Lin: Oh, I didn’t know that. Wow.

Dale: By the way, I read your interview with Joel [Marsh Garland], which I loved.

KR: He’s funny, right? He cracked me up so much that day.

Dales: He’s an old friend. We worked together many times.

Beth: Wow, I didn’t know that.

Dale: The first day on set, I was scared to death, and he just appeared from around the trailer and we hugged and he tipped me, “If you have a problem, go to Lisa [Vinnecour, one of OITNB producers].” A set is like a prison in the sense that, whoever is at the top running things, that sets the tone for everything else, and she is brilliant at it.

KR: You know what? Everyone I have interviewed kept telling me this. She’s such a mama bear to everyone.

Dales: Yes, she knows exactly what she’s doing and is excellent at it. She’s a very, very special producer.

Abby: I think you should float around the table to get everyone.

KR: I know! I’m going miss you guys here [Laughs] Keep chatting and let me know when the food comes. So, Hello, Lin!

Lin: Hi!

KR: I’d like to ask you about your first day on set, what was it like and did you know anyone?

Lin: The most joyful moment I will say, and I will probably say forever, is that I was lucky enough and a lot of us were, to be honest, to where the playing field was level. It was exceptionally obvious. Even with Kate Mulgrew being a star, Taylor Schilling being a star, and people that you knew were the stars. Most of us were there on the same playing field. So the moment I went there: Uzo, Danielle, a lot of the characters were standing out, getting to know each other: Hi, hi, hi! And none of us knew where any of us were going. So it was a wonderful experience for all of us to just be there together, and get to know each other as people before we got to know where our characters are going. I’ll tell you the best thing when I walked into the hair department; they were in the middle of developing Kate Mulgrew’s hairdo.

KR: Wow. You got to witness that! Sorry, please continue!

Lin: I was sitting there watching them put black bangs on her, like Cleopatra, and they would take that off, take a picture, and then send it to Jenji and she said “No, she needs something else.” On the other side of me, it was Nicky [Natasha Lyonne.] I was thinking, “This is awesome!” But, hey! I got the blue eye shadow!

KR: Oh, I somehow thought it was a turquoise.

Lin: I don’t know what you see, but I’m blue! [Laughs] I’m true blue!

Annie: Remember when Red got that contraband blue eye shadow for you?

Lin: It’s in there! Yeah, she sneaks it to me.

Annie: During Yoga class or something.

KR: Thank you! I need to re-watch! Let’s talk about your character, Beth!

Beth: I came in to set and I’m always trying to look my best, right? But, I knew I was going to be the nun. I get in the chair, and they took every shred of makeup off. [Laughs] And my little hair, they took a spray water bottle and pasted it down. Did you see that first episode when I was in the cafeteria? Oh my god… International TV… I’ll never work again! [Laughs]

KR: I re-watched the first few episodes of Season One to make sure that I didn’t miss Dale. [Frieda]

Dale: No, you didn’t miss me in Season One because I started in Season Two. None of the golden girls you see in Season Two were in Season One.

KR: Please tell us about your audition!

Dale: My audition, they asked for white haired women, so I happened to have a wig, from Grey Gardens. It was a beautiful wig. I had never worn a wig to an audition, but I thought, “Screw it!” I went to Jen, the casting director, and the place was a sea of white haired ladies! So I went in and I did it, and I said “You know? There’s another character – would you mind if I read for it while I’m here?” And they said “Sure, go ahead!” So I took the wig off for the second read. The first day on set, I took the wig in with me, so they had a choice. And then they decided to just put the hair back.

KR: I almost didn’t recognize you without the ponytail!

Dale: Friends of mine saw me and said oh my god! We would not have recognized you.

KR: All right, Abby, It’s you and me now. [Laughs]

Abby: I’m so glad we made this!

KR: And I’m SO glad that Gina is back! I was so worried about her.

Abby: Yeah, I’m glad I’m back, too!

KR: The scar they did on you was amazingly scary! Does it take long to apply?

Abby: It takes an hour. In the first few episodes, it looks kind of fiery and painful, but it gets less dramatic as time goes on. This guy, Josh Turi, is the special FX makeup artist – he’s unbelievable. He’s also done makeup for Saturday Night Live…

KR: Are you kidding me? Those guys are awesome!

Abby: Yeah, if you think about it – all the prosthetics… those guys get like full body prosthetics the moment they become a member of the SNL cast, but anyway, it was a real coup that we got him. He also does the work on Barbara [Miss Rosa].

Barbara: I’d like to toast everybody! What an astonishing lump of hormonal energy! I’m thrilled to be associated with all of you!


Everyone saluted! And someone knocked a glass of water down on Dale’s pants.

Barbara: Hey! You know what? It’s good luck! Mazel Tov!

Dale: You got me straight in the crotch!

Lin: Poor Dale. Honey, do you want me to blow on you? [Laughs]

KR: I think people are looking at us. I swear I did not out our locations on Twitter. [Laughs]

Beth: Oh, we were at Lisa Vinnecour’s birthday party last year and we were there for hours. There were pool tables, people were playing chess and it was just really fun. People were lined up down around the block and Jack [Beth’s husband] and I left like three hours after being at that party. As I navigated my way out, there was this person screaming “The Nun!” It was the first time that there was recognition. It was very beginning of the series.

While waiting for our food, I made round to chat with Barbara and Tamara who on the other end of the table.

Barbara: Tell me your name again.

KR: I’m Anne.

Barbara: Okay. With the Twitter thing, I just started doing this.

KR: How many followers do you have now? Last time I checked was about 600. It’s growing fast!

Barbara: It’s 700 as of today, actually. Finally, my 2 worlds are coming together because I spent so many years recording audio books.

KR: Would you mind me recording this?

Barbara: Not at all.

KR: What was it like walking into set?

Barbara: The first time I walked in to Kaufman Astoria was for the costume fitting and I thought for prison? September 2012… I wandered in and I got my little sticker that said “Orange is The New Black,” and I had a fitting.

Tamara: I wear a muumuu.

Barbara: Yes, you and me both.

KR: Speaking of you in the muumuu, I actually wondered why Miss Rosa and Anita DeMarco didn’t have their assigned bunks, like other inmates. You guys only stayed in the same room. Was it because of health issues?

Barbara: Yes, Anita and Rosa are in the bunk that is sort of pre-assignment bunk. It’s a bunk where people like us that are somewhat physical challenges and they are a little older. They take in new inmates. So, I was Piper’s first bunkmate when she arrived to the prison and she saw us there and then she got assigned and moved on, but we stayed there getting more comfortable and more private.

KR: How about you, Tamara? Does your character have your own bunk? I think the weeping lady can only be found talking on the phone.

Tamara: Actually, I joined in episode 5. I auditioned for your role, Barbara.

Barbara: You did? I didn’t know that.

Tamara: Yes, I had auditioned for Miss Rosa, but I wasn’t right for it. I was so excited I was called in for the role of Weeping Woman. Even though that was a day player role, I could not wait to audition again. Then I learned that Jodie Foster would be directing that episode, it was even more exciting!

KR: Did you cry during your audition?

Tamara: Prior to going in for the audition, I didn’t feel like crying. I was just feeling so happy. I was first on tape that day and when I started doing my monologue…

KR: Weeping Lady had lines? I wondered what she said!

Tamara: Yes, she did! As I did my audition, I started crying tears of joy, and once I was done, I noticed that the Casting Director was sad. I apologized and they said it was great and that I would be hearing from them. So, when my agent called and told me I was booked for this role, I was so grateful and happy!

KR: So, how was your first day on set?

Tamara: I was excited and nervous because I had read the book and knew that I would be working with Jodie Foster! She was amazing to me and let me improvise.

KR: Actually, that was my question too. I was going to ask both of you if you got to improvise. Like, did you get to add something to the script?

Barbara: I pretty much stick to the script. We had tight schedules.

KR: I was so excited when I found the cast on Twitter and I tweeted Tamara a lot and asked her if she was coming back. I didn’t know you were on Twitter then, Barbara. But, remember that day we first met at Book Expo?

Barbara: Yeah, I had only been on Twitter for like 10 minutes when I was the Book Expo to visit my friend at her book signing.

KR: Yeah, you handed me your phone to take some photos for you guys, remember? That’s why I knew that your Twitter was legit because I recognized the photos I took!

Barbara: Oh, that’s right, your photos! And I posted them on my Twitter. So, I’ve been tweeting.

KR: Yeah, I like that you have.

Barbara: One thing was very beautiful happened. I was at Disney World and I sent a tweet with a photo about Hogwarts, something silly like that and I got a hundreds of retweets and I had my Orange hat on in the photo. Anyway, I went with my friends and we went to get some ice cream and for the first time in my life, someone paid for my ice cream in Disney world for being Miss Rosa and Linda, my close friend, said and I was there to witness you getting your free ice cream for acting. This may not sound like much to you.

KR: No way! This is awesome! Miss Rosa really deserved some ice cream.

Barbara: It really is a big deal to me.

KR: All right, my food is here! I’m going back to my seat. Thank you so much for this.

Barbara and Tamara: Go eat!

Tamara: Did we just say that at the same time? You make a wish!

Once I made my way back to my seat. Abby greeted me with “Hey. You’re back!”

KR: [Laughs] I was so nervous when I saw my food, so I wrapped up over there.

Abby: That looks so amazing.

Lin: Yeah. Look at her waffles!

KR: Okay, let’s all take a moment and look at Dale’s food though.

Abby: Wow. What’s that? Hash?

Dales: You guys like?

KR: Whoa. Your food is insane! I see some rice there.

The conversation during our brunch was lovely. All about food and sharing food.

KR: Lin, since you are sitting next to me, I’m going to ask you more questions, I hope you don’t mind. Do you have a favorite scene?

Lin: I think it goes back to that Valentine episode. The scenes were so beautiful, but you know what? I can’t pick a favorite.

Abby: Wait, favorite scene that you’ve seen or one that you’ve been in?

Beth: I know! I know what mine is! That scene when Pornstache got out of the car then walked down the hall… I couldn’t stop laughing!

Abby: Especially with the hair!

KR: OMG! The Mullet! Too bad we will be seeing less of Pornstache.

Abby: Well, the thing with Pablo, he’s great and keeps getting work!

Lin: He’s very spectacular, that one.

Beth: Oh. I remembered something. When I read the script, I remembered that scene when Bennett went to see Caputo. I knew and I kept making noises while watching and Jack kept telling me to shut up! [Laughs]

Abby: That’s another thing about Season Two – the COs. I think they’ve fleshed out a lot of those characters. You know what I mean? I find myself enjoying them a lot more than I thought I would. When I was reading the scripts, I was like yeah, yeah CO stuff… But on the screen it’s actually quite compelling. I mean Nick Sandow [Caputo], he’s great, and Michael Harney [Healy], he’s done an amazing job this season too! He got a tricky, tricky part – because it’s like, you want to hate him for what he did in Season One, and then you kinda feel so bad for him, and you see him trying. The show is at its best when it’s creating very conflicting characters – you just don’t know how you feel about them. Sometimes they’re awesome and sometimes they’re horrible and sometimes they’re right in between, just like humanity.

KR: You know, the scene when he talks to Sister Ingalls, we learn that Healy had tried, but didn’t see the difference – he’d worked in the job for so many years he’d given up, which is quite normal. We all can relate to that, right?

Abby: Exactly! And you don’t even see yourself giving up until you see yourself through somebody else’s eyes.

Beth: That scene was really hard to see. You could see his face and his whole body trembling. I mean, I was still in the character, but I know that Kate Mulgrew probably felt the same, too. It was SO sad, that scene.

KR: Anyway, let’s talk about your character, Dale! Did she actually do what she said she did? Or she was just trying to scare Flaca?

Dale: All right! Good! [Laughs] I think a lot people may have thought about it, too. Did she actually do that to her husband, or didn’t she? Was she just trying to scare Flaca? Wait – are we going to ruin it for people who haven’t seen the season yet?

KR: I will definitely put spoilers alert! People be prepared. [Laughs] But, I think by the time I post this interview, a lot of people will have seen it.

Dale: Well, Red is my Queen, that’s all I can say. First day on the set, as I was saying, I was so nervous. And I’ve been on sets where you don’t even get introduced to the people you’re working with all day. And this was so different. Kate Mulgrew was so kind, and so welcoming, and such an open presence to work with. I’ve worked in theater for 50 years, but nowhere near the amount of TV that she’s done. And I said to myself, “Watch and learn.” She’s such a wonderful person and just so kind.

Abby: I watch every move she makes and she’s such a professional. Kate is so gracious and generous on set, too.

KR: I saw her on the red carpet at Paley Fest in LA and she walked right past me and I felt SO intimidated by her because of her character. [Laughs] She plays Red SO well.

Abby: I’m always worried about that because my character is so… mean? [Laughs] And cold, you know, and weird – I’m so worried that when people see me on the street that they’ll be afraid of me or something.

KR: You got better though! I was watching you on Season One and thought “Red’s minion is SO mean!” [Laughs] Gina seemed to calm down in Season Two.

Beth: We see your humanity. You can’t hide it, babe.

KR: With your character, Beth: I felt the warmth and she was so welcoming when Piper showed up at the cafeteria for the first time. However, Sister Ingalls seemed irritated in Season Two. [Laughs]

Beth: When they started writing these little zingers for me, I really didn’t know where to put it. I didn’t know where my character was going to go.

Abby: Yeah, but as an audience, once you watch it, it makes perfect sense why Sister Ingalls would tell Soso to shut the fuck up! [Laughs]

KR: You know what? I loved the cover of Sister Ingalls’ memoir.

Beth: Oh yeah. We did a photo shoot for that…I had to wear that habit and I thought, oh my god here I go again. Because I was in Sister Act… I don’t know what it is about this face, but I’ve played a lot of nuns. You know, Barbara and I know one another from way back, from years ago. We’re on set one day, we had some down time, and I said to her, “Barbara it’s so, so cool that you did that for this show.” She said, “What?” I said, “Shave your head!” She looked at me and she went, “Come on!”

Barbara: Now, you don’t mind me telling this story I hope, because I have dined out on it a couple of times because every time I came in to the shoot, somebody, the crew or actors would say, “You are so lucky to have such a good shaved head,” and I went, “Listen, jerk off! It’s silicone!”

Lin: [bursts into laughter] Sorry, I can’t help it!

Abby: We were on set in the sunlight for season three, and I won’t say too much or we’d get in trouble. But it was outdoors and it was the daytime and so there was a medic on set giving everybody sun block. And she came over to me and she’s like, “Oh, do you need some?” and I’m like, “Yeah I should probably put some on.” She was looking at my fake scar thinking, “How do I apply it appropriately…” Annie was the one who noticed and said to the medic, “That’s a prosthetic!” The medic didn’t know it was a fake scar. [Laughs]

Barbara: Hey! I had people follow me around with an umbrella. [Laughs]

Lin: Yeah, I’m Italian so when people followed me with an umbrella like that I think I’m mob. I’m really nervous about that. [Laughs]

Abby: Hey. I think I’m going to switch my seat with Annie so you get to talk to her, too.

KR: That’s very sweet of you. Thank you! Anyway, are any of you guys going to check the “Crazy Pyes” truck with me?

Tamara: Yeah! I’ll go.

Lin: I’m going to have my Bloody Mary. I’ll skip dessert.

Tamara: Why not?

Lin: I just said why. [Laughs]

KR: I want you to join us, though.

Tamara: They have a cardboard cut out. You can take photos with us. It’ll be a fun event.

Lin: Oh, I thought it was just dessert! Okay, then I’ll go!

Annie: Hi!

KR: Hello. Would you mind if I recorded this?

Annie: Yeah. Go ahead.

KR: So, did you audition for Norma?

Annie: Not my part. I auditioned, and then they gave me that part. That part was in Jenji’s head.

KR: Were you surprised that Norma didn’t speak?

Annie: Yeah. I really was.

KR: I told my followers that I would be interviewing you guys today and I got questions for Norma, like, would she be speaking anytime soon in Season Three?

Annie: I always say if I told you, I’d have to kill you then I may never get out of Litchfield! That’s what I say.

KR: It must be so hard not to speak!

Annie: You’re sitting at the table – who’s not speaking?

KR: Oh yeah, YOU!

Annie: Exactly. Actually, I don’t do chaos really well. I listen, I observe. So it’s kind of a no-brainer for me. It’s really fun.

KR: That’s just how Norma is. Anyway, which scene do you think is so heart breaking for you?

Annie: I would say Season One, when Gina got burned in the kitchen that was very terrible for me. Season Two, when Red got beat up was very hard for me. And then to express to Gloria, what I wanted to happen in retribution that was very hard for me because I don’t really have that kind of anger because I don’t have that kind of intensity in my life [Laughs] But, if I was stepping up for a loved one, like Red or Gina, and I wanted vengeance then I guess I could channel that. So Jenji was giving suggestions, and Constantine Makris, the director, he was giving suggestions of how I would express my desire to do that.

KR: Seeing you doing that for Red made me think like wow Norma must have really, really loved Red. She was there before Red, right?

Annie: Yeah. Norma was there before Red: There is that scene where Healy introduces us in the kitchen.

KR: Oh yeah, Norma grabbed Red’s hands. Anyway, what do you think about working with a huge ensemble cast?

Annie: It’s really wonderful. And like I said, you know, people are jealous that I don’t have any lines to learn. But when I get the script, I can’t just scan the page to find where my lines are. My action is in the stage directions, so I have to read every page.

KR: And the scene that Norma sang. Did you get to choose the song?

Annie: It’s pretty much Jenji’s vision. I just do what I’m told. I have my ideas and they do listen to us. They are really wonderful because they trust us. We are the original cast. We have this success together which is really wonderful. So that’s really what it is.

KR: The fans of the show really do love Norma.

Annie: Oh, good! I’m glad!

KR: They do!

Annie: Because I’m not sure they understand that she’s a traumatic mute, I mean something happened to her and she decided that she would never speak again.

KR: Yeah, I think audience may have thought the same I did since Norma already sang the entire song so maybe she might speak in Season Two, but she never did.

Annie: Well, if you think about it, you know, it was Crazy Eyes’ solo, and she got stage fright and then Norma just stepped up to help her. That was really triumphant and a very beautiful moment. It was really Norma stepping up to try to help Crazy Eyes not be frightened of performing.

KR: So, what other projects are you working on?

Annie: I have Violet, and I have my band, which is on June 29th. (This interview was before the show at The Cutting Room) and then I’m working on remounting my cabaret act at 54 Below, Annie Golden’s Velvet Prison, which I’ve done at Joe’s Pub and so I’m gonna update it for 54 Below. But I haven’t had any time. So, once Violet ends in August, then maybe I’ll find the time to do it.

KR: This is really cool, Annie. Please keep me posted so I could update it for your fans so I could check it out.

Annie: Everyone should come out and see Violet before August 10th or come and see my band and you will hear me sing more, and my band is all songs that I’ve written. So, have you talked to Barbara and the rest on that side?

KR: Yeah, I think I’ve got everyone. Thank you so much for your time.

Annie: Good!

KR: Oh no, everyone already finished their food.

Annie: Because you have been talking, so eat!

Tamara: Hey, Anne, what’s your name on Twitter?

KR: You want my personal or fan account for Orange? [Laughs] It’s “TeamOITNB!” We talk a lot on there!

Tamara: Oh my god! [Laughs] Yes, we have! All the time! You know what’s so interesting? Fans thought I was Russian, and I told them no! I’m not!

Lin: Hey! I’m back!

KR: There you are! I have a question for you. What’s your favorite one-liner?

Lin: My signature. People keep on telling me with the click click. You know what? “Don’t make the bed! We’ll make it for you!” You know what’s so funny? Because the real Piper told me about the real Anita in real life was pretty much like that.

KR: I don’t know what’s the big deal between being IN the bed and on top of the bed.

Lin: That was the best thing of the pilot that it immediately informed you about the world that she walked into. [Lin demonstrated her character, Anita, and she tried to teach me to wink like Anita]

KR: Oh my god, I LOVE Anita’s signature. I swear I was trying at home whole watching that scene and I couldn’t do it. [Laughs]

Lin: Did you? It was a wink with sounds.

KR: I tried and gave up! I can’t do it!

Lin: Danielle [Brooks] said that to me, too! She said, “How did you do it?” [Laughs]

KR: I like Anita and Miss Rosa. You guys are nice.

Lin: That’s the thing. Some characters are MVP and would head to the top but we are a part of that big puzzle.

KR: But, that’s the beauty of the show. I like the whole cast.

While we were still there a fan asked for a picture with the cast, and I couldn’t stop smiling as I was crazy proud of them!

Dale: You know what is interesting? The fact that they put the golden girls in because I think it does show the same sort of segregation and ostracizing that goes on in regular society that isn’t a fiefdom like a prison.

Annie: Those golden girls are very profound. There’s a reference point for these women who have been in for 10 months? 10 Years? 15 months? 15 years? And then you see the women in the corner of the cafeteria who are lifers. Those are the elders, the ones who have been there forever, and will remain there and will probably die there and that is profound. And it resonates with these women. They don’t want to be that, they never want to be that, or they don’t know what that is. They don’t want to talk about it, They don’t want to know that it exists. That is profound.

KR: And that’s why when Abby asked if I wanted to interview you guys, I said “Hell yeah!”

Annie: And I’m glad you are having brunch with us. Orange is The New Black, and 60 is The New 40, yo!

KR: [Laughs] Okay, Annie, I’m keeping this! This quote will definitely be in the interview post!

Annie: But, it’s true. These women when we start to find out about them. There are no families, and Litchfield is their family. We take care of the one with the Alzheimer’s etc, etc. Sisters are doing it for themselves, that’s what Litchfield is all about. And don’t forget that these women were very dangerous back in the day. The beasts lie sleeping and you don’t want to mess with us! One more thing before I go [Annie had to leave early to go to Violet]: one thing about Norma that I like, she floats from tribe to tribe, and no other character really does that. Maybe because Norma’s the silent one, and she can be trusted. So, it’s wonderful that I get that.

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