My husband and I planned a fun day for us on Saturday. We decided to go on a run from our apartment in Queens to Juice Press on the Upper East Side near my work. Living in NYC, you have to take advantage of what the city has to offer. I found out on Twitter that if you run Saturdays and take a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #WillRunForJuices and #Juicepress, you get a free juice with your choice (as long as it’s under $11.) I thought it was a great campaign. Besides, I’ve been a regular customer of Juice Press, I get to save some money and be healthy. It took us about an hour and a half to get to the city, where we ran into Danielle Brooks AKA Taystee from the hit Netflix’s original series, Orange is The New Black at my favorite Juice press. We chatted with her for a bit and headed to our next appointment as my husband booked a room at one of Breather locations; The Rock Plaza 3.


We thought that we could just sit and relax since we had been running miles. I must say upfront that I was very impressed with the location. The building is literally across the street from the Today Show pit and Nintendo World, with a great view of Rockefeller Center Plaza.


The entrance was quite impressive as inside of the building has a very modern look and feel. After showing your IDs to the front desk, it’s a smooth elevator ride to the room on the 7th floor. The room looks fresh out of an Ikea catalogue with matching esthetic in the couch, table, chairs, and bean bags that just screams Scandinavian design.


There is also a white board which I think is great if you’re in a brain storm session. I love both the design and the view, but my concerns are the noise. We actually didn’t hear anything from the street, but the guests using one of the other rooms came in so clear that it felt like we were in the same room. We got to hear their meeting agenda, work complaints, even what they were ordering for food (the chicken satay sounded like a great choice, I must say.) So quiet time is definitely off the table.


The provided wifi and other amenities are a nice touch, but I don’t feel that we experienced the full benefits we were promised as customers. Oh well. You won’t know until you try, right? Also, for those that want to book from 30 minutes – 1 hour, keep in mind that you will probably not get your full hour if you can’t unlock the door like us. For some reason, there was a glitch because the wrong code was sent to us so we had to contact them for a new code to unlock the door. And while the restroom is on the same floor, you will need to leave your room. Be aware that you need separate codes for the restroom and the space. We think we should give Breather a fair chance as there’s a room for improvement. I would still recommend it to people who need a space but maybe book it for more than 1 hour for the full use of it. Even though, we didn’t feel that we got the full benefit of this visit, I still want to check out other locations in NYC such as SoHo, Wall Street, and Flatiron. So, until the next time we need a Breather…

** You can Use my promo code for 1 free hour from Breather although it’s only available in Canada, NYC, and SF. For more info: