It’s 2:42 am and I try not to think about nor’easter that’s happening in NYC. I’m quite hungry, but instead of getting up and walking to the kitchen, I would rather think about the food I made for my husband and myself a couple days ago. I know that if you are not Thai, you may not familiar with this menu, but I like to change up a bit so I don’t get sick of the same menu!

A lot of people sure know “Chicken basil” I love this Thai dish so much and tend to order it most of the time I go out or order in, but this time I want to use pork balls instead. If you don’t know what they are, please educate yourself and google it 🙂 You can get it at most Asian ( Chinese ) groceries. It’s about $4.99 a packet. It’s enough for one meal/ good for 2 people.

This menu is quite easy. Just a friendly reminder, I don’t usually measure when I cook Thai food, so you will get some fun description along with some pictures to make you drool.

Here are the ingredients ;
• a packet of pork balls – cut one ball into 4.
• a bunch of basil – feel free to use more
• 3-4 cloves of garlic – chop/ dice up
• red chili peppers – only use 1 for the XL size, but use 2 for the XS size 🙂 chop and mince it.
• soy sauce , oyster sauce, vegetable oil or olive oil


Take out your wok and spatula. Turn on the stove and use a little of vegetable oil or olive oil. I’m out of canola oil so I use olive oil. The heat should be medium high and once it feels a little hot, try it with some garlic that you already diced up, wait till they turn gold and smell nice then add the rest of your garlic and red chili peppers. Stir it well and add the pork balls in and cook till they are yellow/gold/brown. Add basil and cook for a couple minutes and serve with rice!