I actually made this dish for the first time, and it came out AMAZING. I felt very lucky that it was edible, lol. So, I thought I should share it!

Originally, they use pork or fish in Thailand to make it, but I happened to have some left over chicken from making chicken and rice soup the day before, so why not finish it?

Here are what you need to have for this menu ;

• Minced chicken ( I used half a packet, but you can use the whole packet so you could make more pieces )
• garlic – I used 3-4 cloves. Peel it then mince it.
• carrots – I used 3 small carrots ; first chop them and mince them till they are in tiny pieces.
• parsley ( you don’t need that much – I tend to use just 1/3 of the whole bunch )
• cooking oil ( use whatever you prefer, but I use canola oil, Pam spray doesn’t work well in this case as we need to deep fry the meat )
• salt, black pepper, soy sauce and oyster sauce

I start off with mincing the carrots then do the same with parsley and garlic. Set them aside and start prepping your chicken. I use the rest of the minced chicken which is half of the packet. Sprinkle some black pepper, add a little soy sauce and some oyster sauce. I try not to use too much soy sauce becauseI don’t want it to be super salty, I add more oyster sauce because it tastes salty and a little sweet. Mix it well. You can use those wooden spoon to mix it if you don’t want to use your hands, but you can’t really avoid it when you need to make them into tiny or medium balls. Next, you add carrots, parsley and garlic that you prepped earlier and mix them all together. Make them into tiny balls. Lay them on a plate . Turn on the stove with medium high heat, pour some cooking oil into a frying pan, and wait till it’s hot enough then start frying those chicken balls. Simmer it and you can use the cover. Pay attention to it because it could burn easily. Wait till they all turn brown. You can check if they are cooked by using a fork — puncher the chicken cake and see that they aren’t pink anymore. Once they are done, pick them up and lay them on a plate with some paper towel on, it will absorb the oil! ( just don’t serve the meal with paper towel on, that’s all! )


I serve chicken cake with rice and Sriracha chili sauce. You can decorate the dish with some salad or cucumbers! Balance it out because you are about to eat a deep fry food! Veggies will even it out in my opinion 😉