When you talk about Thai food, a lot of people may think of spicy food. It’s true, but we like other flavors as well, so this is why we have so many kinds of sauces for different kinds of food! Only in my kitchen alone, I have about 5 different sauces that I think are pretty essential.

The Introduction of Thai Sauces 101

1. AROY-D (อร่อยดี) Sweet Chili Sauce for Chicken.
Aroy in Thai means delicious! This is a dipping sauce for chicken. Sweet and a little spicy. ($3.99)

2. Soy sauce (Soya Sauce Formula 1)
Great for marinating and cooking. I sometimes add it in my rice just for the taste of it 🙂 ($1.99)

3. Sriracha Chili Sauce.
GREAT for any fried food! I use it with fried eggs, add it in fried rice, and especially great as dipping sauce for Thai Chicken Cakes! ($3.49)

4. Pantai Cantonese Suki Sauce.
Do you like Sukiyaki? I DO! And this sauce is just what you need and you can stop worrying about the taste! It improves the taste instantly! ($3.99)

P.S. I’m making Sukiyaki tonight and I’ll make sure to blog about it later! 😀

5. Oyster sauce

I talked about my fav brand earlier on my previous post. The brand is “สามแม่ครัว” Just try to remember the picture on the bottle, it’s a woman who’s cooking something with oyster sauce, lol. ($2.99)

P.S. I keep soy sauce and oyster in the kitchen cabinet, but the rest must be refrigerated after opened!