I was thinking about making Pork Basil a couple days ago. I have had too much chicken and tofu and I kind of felt sick of them. Luckily, my husband was more than willing to help me prepare this meal so it takes less time. Monday is the night we watch The Bachelor ( I watch it but my husband has to because we have dinner together while I watch it, lol) . I got home at 7 pm, started cooking at 7:38 and finished at 7:58. 20 minutes! However, it only took 30 minutes because we marinaded the pork, cooked rice beforehand and minced garlic in advance.


1/2 of minced pork – I used 1/2 of the packet of pork I bought from Target

basil – I bought 1 box from Wholefoods but only used 1/3 of it

4 eggs – good for 2 servings

4-5 cloves of garlic

hot chili peppers – I used 3 small ones from a small bag I bought from Wholefoods. It’s called ” Thai Me Chili Peppers”

soy sauce and oyster sauce

Black pepper

• brown sugar – use very little

Here’s how to make pork basil + fried eggs

Cook some rice and marinade the pork beforehand. Use soy sauce, oyster sauce and black pepper to marinade the pork. In this case, my husband prepped the meat for me so the pork was marinaded an hour before hand. Prep other ingredients – mince up garlic and hot chili pepper , and pick the basil leaves. Then whisk the eggs for fried eggs.

Turn on the burner – medium high and use a saucepan to fry mince garlic until it turns golden brown then add hot chili peppers and mix them together. Add marinaded pork and cook till it’s all brown and add a little soy sauce, oyster sauce and little brown sugar — don’t put toomuch of these and it’s best to try it so you know this is flavor you like. Next, add basil leaves and cook a little more. Turn off the burner and leave that in the saucepan. Turn another burner on – medium high and use a pan to fry eggs. I use olive oil but it’s best to use vegetable oil. Wait till the oil is hot then pour the whisked eggs in and wait till it looks puffy, flip it and wait till it’s golden brown. Then place the fried eggs on a plate and pork basil on top! The reason why I made fried eggs with pork basil because pork basil could be spicy so fried eggs come to the rescue! Serve this with some cooked rice!

P.S. if you aren’t a fan of pork, use any meat you like. So far, I’ve cooked this dish with pork balls, chicken, hot dogs ( not so good 😦 ) , and pork. My grandma made it with beef, but I have never been a fan of beef so that’s off the table. I haven’t used the tofu yet, but I doubted that it would taste as good. Feel free to try that though. 😉

Please feel free to ask me any questions or leave comments. Follow me on here for new updates! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. Hopefully, I help you create another dish for you and your family 😀