My husband and I decided to spend our weekend in the city. Even though, we both work in the city and tend to have quiet weekends in Queens, but this week is exceptional as we got so many great news and wanted to celebrate!

We stayed at Hudson hotel near Central Park. I had never stayed there before. Though, I went there a couple of times for dinner. It was very convenient as it’s close to restaurants, stores at The Shops at Columbus Circle and Central Park which is only a couple blocks away!

We checked-in to drop off our stuff and made a reservation at this Japanese restaurant called “Kirakuya Sake Bar” It’s in the heart of K-Town and close to the subway ( whichever train that goes to 34 St Harold Sq ). Kirakuya is located on the 2nd floor, but don’t let the sketchy hallway intimidate you. As soon as you get to second floor, you will see this wooden door. Open it and you will see the awesome atmosphere. It looks like a local upscale Asian fusion restaurant. I’m not a big fan of sakes which their selections are enormous! Just the great food and dessert that I’m after.

These are pictures of what we had last night!






Since this place is famous for their huge sake selections, we asked for sake tasting & the first one that we asked to try was Aiyu Shiboritate sake which we really loved it! We also tried Kira Momo ( peach sake ) and we really liked that, too. Also, if you checked-in with your Foursquare, you will get complimentary sakes. We didn’t really like it much, but hey! It was free! Unfortunately, they only had two desserts for us to choose so I picked neither. Last time we were there with our friends, I had this green tea tiramisu which I’m very fond of and I saved room for dessert! Good news is there are plenty of bakeries in K-town


Before heading back to the hotel, we stopped at Paris Baguette about 2 stores away. They had very nice displays. A lot of Asians and tourists were there and to me it showed that the place was kind of a big deal! We ordered a lot of desserts. We found a great selections of cakes and pastries, too!



This is one of the weekends that we had SO much great food! I wish NYC had Thai town like LA, but this city has other great things to offer so I won’t complain! Hope my blog post gives you some tips or make you want to get out and head to K-town ( if you are from NYC, of course!)