It’s amazing how I just learned about Kickstarter early this year and then decided to give it a try. A couple months after Kickstarter was everywhere!

I created my first children’s book called Howard and Chloe Go to Bunnyland in the summer of 2011, but started to work on it last year. I got my husband, Jason Robertson on board. We both developed a story of a ragdoll cat named Howard and a cute little bunny named Chloe. Howard and Chloe are house pets who live with the family of three in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Howard convinces Chloe to go find Bunnyland and she challenges Howard to come with her. So, both leave their home and start their adventure. They learn to survive in the big apple and have a genuine friendship.

Our story has been read and approved by numbers of children and their parents. However, we faced a big task getting a great story published since we both are independent writers/publishers so we worked on our Kickstarter project since it’s a great platform where we could sell our idea to get some financially support from people who might be interested in our project.

It had been 2 crazy months for us. We both worked full time yet we managed to promote our project daily. We also hired our friend, Choi Wan Chung to help us illustrate the amazing scenic views of NYC while I illustrated the characters, edited and colored all illustrations. We were lucky enough to get an incredible support from our friends and families. Not only that, we also got some support from our Kickstarter fellows. One of them has a cool film project called Lost On Purpose that has a lot of great actors in it. I also communicated with the directors via twitter. They backed our project and we backed theirs. We also helped each other promote our projects since we are in this together! In the last two weeks (we chose to run our project for 2 months on Kickstarter), our friend Timothy Crook offered to help us with the voiceover for our last video promo for Kickstarter and that was our last push for the project!

Now that our project is successful. I’m not going to lie that I thought I could finally sit back and relax for a bit, but in reality our journey just started. So, we are finishing the work that people donated their hard earned money into!

Now that our project has been successfully funded. We are able to publish our book and create a website for it. (it’s still under development) We are hoping to launch the website soon and also deliver the copies and rewards to those who backed our project by June, 2013.