We have a lot to celebrate this week! I have been working really hard on my book project and I finally finished with the illustrations so the book is almost ready to be published! Also, my husband’s graduation ceremony was on Thursday, but we didn’t go out to celebrate due to the exhaustion and nearly 100 degrees NYC weather!

We gathered with our friends and headed to Birreria at Eataly, but unfortunately, we were told it would be an hour wait, so we left to find another place for dinner.

I’m glad to say BEST DECISION EVER! We stumbled onto this cool little Korean place on 26th Street between 5th and 6th ave. I was skeptical at first and wasn’t sure if I would like the food there since I learned that it was a skewers, little dish kind of place.

7 of us were told that the wait was about 20 minutes. I’m confident to say that it must be around 45 minutes. We were waiting in the front part of this tiny restaurant next to the bar! Awesome! Something to ease the pain of waiting, right? I’m sure if Chandler Bing from the series Friends had come with us last night l, He would have said ” Could it BE any longer?” along with loads of inappropriate jokes, lol.

When we finally got called, we were led to a long shared table in the middle of the restaurant. Whoever designed this place did a great job making this place cozy and a tad hipster. I couldn’t find my menus and thanks to our waiter who pointed out that they were hidden under the table in a tiny cubby! I felt as if we all had bed in a class room!

I ordered this white beer that tasted so AH-MA-ZING I nearly shed tears in my eyes! It’s called Makgeolli. It is made from a mixture of wheat and rice, which gives it a milky, off-white color, and sweetness, according to Wikipedia.

Then we ordered a bunch of skewers ; pork belly, BBQ Galbi, chicken thigh, pork belly skewers! They came with lettuce and my friend Kevin enlightened me last night about how I should eat these skewers by wrapping the meat with lettuce and eat. It tasted SO MUCH BETTER!



We also ordered Perilla Jeon w. Shrimp and Pork (ggen-yip jeon) and it also tasted GREAT!

Gwangju Market Fried Chicken (boneless dark meat ‘tong-dak’ style) makes me drool just thinking about it. It tasted SO GOOD that we didn’t even need to dip it in the soy sauce they gave us!

And last but not least, we tried Radish Kimchi & Brisket Fried (ggak-dugi bokkeum bap), it was so tasty! I wish I had ordered one more plate!

We had such a wonderful time there and it was worth the wait! I cannot wait to go back! I actually try to find an excuse to go there again. Only one complaint is they only have 2 selections of dessert on the menu, like whoa! What’s up with that?!?lol One thing to keep in mind, the portions are pretty small. You may end up ordering a lot of dishes and don’t be surprise when the big bill comes!