Recently, everywhere New Yorkers go, we see shiny new bikes! They aren’t just normal bikes, there are shiny Citibike!

What is Citibike? It’s New York City’s the newest public transportation system which launched in May, 2013. For more info, check out their website : http://citibikenyc.com/

As much as I would love to try, I was worried I could get hit by a car. NYC drivers are not messing around and I’m positive a lot of New Yorkers can agree with me on that. I have seen a lot of accidents in the city and a couple times it happened right in front of me.
However, putting my opinion aside, I noticed that Citibike is trending right now in NYC. Everyone is giving it a chance. Even though, I’m convinced that Citibike isn’t for me, I wouldn’t stop others from trying it!

Here are some pictures I have captured by my iPhone since it’s been launched! Pretty and shiny! They are pretty much everywhere and it seems convenient.


A mother of two young children gives Citibike a try.

I asked her what she thought of it, and she said she was loving it so far and already subscribed for a year.


Citibike station on 2nd Avenue

I think one of these days, I might give in and join the pack so I know what’s all the buzz about. But in the mean time, I’d much rather

  capture the moment through my iPhone lens while fearing for bikers’ lives on the busy streets of NYC.


Citibike station near Flatiron, close to the famous Eaterly.

According to Citibike’s website, I made a screen shot of the prices for those who are interested in the service. See picture below.

My advice to those who want to try Citibike, bike at your own risk! But, hey, you are at least doing the right thing for environment 😉

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