As a regular soda drinker since I could remember, I am proud to say that I’m clean and have not drunk soda since New Years 2013!

Over time I’ve read a lot about the negative longterm impacts of consuming sugary drinks. Quitting soda was my New Years Resolution and I felt accomplished. It may seem like a small goal to others, but to me, it’s everything. I have tried so many ways to lose weight, I even tried a juice cleanse. Then I came to realization that cutting off unhealthy food and drinks is less extreme compared to juice cleansing.

I buy more fruit and vegetables these days and throw them in the blender. Adding just a tad of honey and salt is something I learned from my grandma. I’m positive that these 2 ingredients I add along with fruits and vegetables could not be as bad as the amount of sugar added in soda.


I have been making my own smoothies for months and I am very pleased to the results. My skins look better, and I am healthier. I can enjoy more meals because yes, soda can make food taste better, but you will definitely feel full much faster.

My favorite smoothie is strawberries, blueberries, and oranges or just a little orange juice works perfectly.