My husband and I made plans to go join our friend Lily, who’s the president of Baruch College GLASS (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Society.) This is the first time I went to join the Pride Parade. It was great seeing so many people come out to support equality, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I saw a lot of smiles and that made me feel really good because at times, dealing with New Yorkers on your commute to work is such a different story!

Today is very hot and humid, but that didn’t stop people from checking out the parade or participating in this event. For sure, this event may have helped small businesses as well. We bought a tiny rainbow flag and some lays. They cost us $2, but we couldn’t care less because we had too much fun hanging on a CUNY float!



I also spotted a guy with a gigantic kitty head from Logo TV float. I just had to have a picture with him. Running so fast to catch him, he took off the kitty head and I had to quickly tell him to leave it on.


We were on the same section as Kiehl’s, one of my favorite brands! I was very excited to see that this company supported LGBT! Wholefoods and Coca Cola were also stationed on the same block as us.

I had a blast today and I was glad to see a lot of smiles! I’m thinking of going next year and next time, I will make sure I have more accessories for this!