Beauty booth at Saks: Burberry

First and foremost, I’d like to officially thank Twitter, because otherwise I wouldn’t have found out about the Beauty Booth At Saks! And once I found out that Burberry hosted the event, I felt the urge to sign up. I called in and booked my appointment with Burberry for Saturday afternoon. It was raining cats and dogs all day, but I wouldn’t let that rain on my parade! I showed up 20 minutes early and the Burberry booth was jam-packed!


The event is jam-packed!

Their staff was very attentive and hands-on! They served me water and showed me around to let me discover the full event: getting my makeup done by professional makeup artists, and a full manicure by professional manicurists. It was a dream! I was introduced to a lot of people. This woman Karina was my makeup artist. She was amazing at what she did. She constantly gave me tips and explained to me what did what. She was very friendly and I felt completely safe with her: She was smooth and confident. She asked where I would be going next and what outfit I would be wearing so she could find the right makeup for me. She gently prepped my face and gave my face a little massage, which felt quite nice. Burberry products do have great and subtle smell. I was in love with it immediately. While getting my makeup done, Mary Wiles, Burberry’s backstage makeup artist, stopped by to chat with me and confirmed that I was in good hands. I felt amazing and light in my face. Burberry makeup didn’t have that heavy feeling some makeup can give you, and smelled insanely good! I purchased sheer foundation and fresh glow because they made my “winter” face look magical and glowing!


Burberry’s Makeup Products


My makeup artist, Karina, and me

My next stop was the Burberry Photo Booth which was very sleek. I originally thought it was a mirror! I took photos with Mary Wiles, she and I got our own physical copies and digital copies sent to our e-mails!


Me and Burberry backstage makeup artist, Mary Wiles.


Photos taken by Burberry Photo Booth.

I then walked over to the manicure station where a woman named Kim was my manicurist and did a wonderful job. I need to find out about the lotion she used on my hands. It felt as though I was given brand new hands! They felt super smooth! I picked Burberry’s Dusky Mauve No. 405 as well. Purple has always been my favorite and this color didn’t disappoint me. If I were asked to rate this event, I would absolutely give it five stars because who wouldn’t like to be dolled up and treated like a princess with great products?

Check out Burberry’s spring/summer 2014 beauty collection: The English Rose Beauty Look.


The English Rose Beauty Look


Back of the Burberry Photo Booth


Sheer Foundation and Fresh Glow by Burberry


Burberry’s Dusky Mauve No. 405