Me and my Benefit Makeup Artist, Maria.

Threading salons have been budding throughout NYC, like Starbucks on every corner. It was at one of these new propped up salons a couple days before traveling to LA for PaleyFest that one of the most horrific things happened to my face. I was doing my morning routine, and leered at my bushy eyebrows thinking it was time I took care of them. I was too lazy to go into the city, so my options are quite limited. I spotted a new threading salon in my neighborhood and decided to check it out. The very first thing I noticed absolutely empty, (bad sign) and I had a gut feeling that I should probably look elsewhere. I didn’t listen. I told the lady I needed my eyebrows waxed. She was about to touch my face, but I blurted out, “Have you washed your hands?” I know, I was quite rude, but I didn’t know where her hands had been before touching my face. This lady just shook her head and applied her hand sanitizer. She was reaching to her thread and here’s how it went down:

“No-no, I needed my eyebrows waxed.”

“No, that’s no good. You needed a thread.”

“No… Wax.” (Gesturing with a ripping motion.)

Guess what, she took off half my eyebrows. They both looked heinous, I was close to tears. The lady pushed me down and waxed over my upper lips. The whole time she kept repeating I needed a facial. Once I managed to get away from her, I said perfectly clear, “Sure, but not here.” I paid her for the poor services and even tipped her, because revenge is a dish best served by blogging.

When I got to LA, I needed to have my eyebrows fixed ASAP. I spotted “Benefit” at a mall, and I remembered my wonderful experience at Benefit Brow Bar at Bloomingdales in Manhattan.


Photo Credit: Benefit Brow Bar.

They were very gentle with my brows. Redemption! I asked for a brow service and the staff lady, Nicole, did a wonderful job. She was honest, and told me that she couldn’t wax anymore, but she would try to plug out the parts that lady left out for me. My angel! Not much that she could do, but she was very gentle, applying lotion on my face and giving me tips during the process. Nicole wasn’t really pushing me to buy any products either, which is more the style of service I’m inclined to.

I don’t know if I should thank the lady who ruined my eyebrows for making me have the best time ever at Benefit to make up for it. But, I certainly felt very grateful that they came to rescue. So, note to self: Never go to just any place to get work on your face! Also, if you have very sensitive skin like mine, be sure to let them know before so you don’t have to deal with the skin reaction like me!


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