GiveGab Team ( From left to right): Jay ( Product Manager, Co-Founder), Linda (Director of Marketing),Charlie (CEO, Co-founder), Tonyehn (Executive Director of Community Citizenship) ,and Aaron (CTO, Co-Founder)

Last week I spoke with start-ups, entrepreneurs, and CEOs alike at New York Tech Day. Hosted at Pier 92, it was an unforgettable experience attending the startup event as press. I scheduled an interview with GiveGab, the social network for volunteers. Being an avid volunteer aiming to do more myself, but not having found the right platform, I found my solution by sharing some ideas with Aaron Godert, CTO and Co-Founder of GiveGab, and Linda Hall, Director of Marketing. Both showed up at the press lounge wearing matching blue GiveGab shirts and smiles in their faces. Their mission is to make more, happy volunteers and increase volunteerism around the world. From their headquarters in Ithaca, New York, the company is growing with a current staff of 20. Linda, the Director of Marketing, works remotely from Michigan. This is their second year at New York Tech Day. I really enjoyed chatting with them and asking questions about the company and what they do. Aaron and Linda both answered my questions tirelessly and also demonstrated the GiveGab app, which is very easy to use! Linda told me about their goal: Create a fun, online environment that encourages volunteer hours, donations, and social interactions. Linda also added that they are expanding GiveGab overseas. The other cool point of this platform is that if you need enhanced reporting, you can sign up for GiveGab’s Premium services. All the information you need to apply for awards and grants, or to report on your community service efforts will be right at your fingertips. I downloaded the app right at GiveGab booth with the help from Aaron and I cannot wait to start volunteering! To learn more about GiveGab, go to https://givegab.com or download their app http://info.givegab.com/app/

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Aaron Godert, CTO and Co-founder of GiveGab


Tonyehn, Executive Director of community Citizenship


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