Today is one of the most important days for all Thai people. Every 13th of April is the day that families get together and celebrate this day; having meals, going to the Buddhist temple, or traveling together. Even though I don’t live in Thailand anymore, I still celebrate it with my husband. This year, we went to the temple in Elmhurst, NY called, “Wat Buddha Thai Thavorn Vanaram.” There was a lot going on: Musical performances, dancing, the Miss Songkran beauty contest, and a Muai Thai tournament!
We partook in the free buffet of Thai food that people brought to the temple to feed guests (though it is recommended that you leave a donation.)
It was absolutely jam-packed at the buffet, but there was quite enough food for everyone. My husband and I had just gone to the temple early last week so we really didn’t stay long. On our way home, we happened upon a new bubble tea store in Elmhurst. It’s called, “Big Bear Bubble Tea.” My husband and I decided to check it out; we ordered the Thai Turbo, which is Thai iced tea with espresso. We asked for tapioca bubbles, and it was delicious! The store is cozy, with a small seating area laid out with magazines–while waiting for your order. Big Bear’s hours are from 11 AM – 10 PM, and it gets crowded later in the afternoon so we definitely recommend you get there yearly! My favorite perk of getting your bubble tea there is nabbing 20% off if you can post a selfie of you and your Bubble Tea on Instagram! My husband and I had too much fun and absolutely went crazy taking selfies with our bubble tea. So, if you are in Elmhurst, check out this new bubble tea place!




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