Today, one of my good friends asked me, “What is Breather and what does it do?” After cozying it up with the crowds in Manhattan daily, I think many New Yorkers find free-space to be a personal high commodity. Let’s be honest though, you’re not going to be renting a car to go out to the Hamptons any time soon. So cancel your plans, and find your best excuse because here is a guide for everyone who’s thought about trying Breather but never actually gotten around to trying it.

First off, you need to download the app called Breather. (Don’t worry it’s free! You pay for the room) then browse through their locations, which are in NYC, San Francisco, and Montreal, Canada. The prices are different as you rent $20/hour at Montreal locations, but $25-30/hour in NYC, except $20/hour for the one in the Garment District, due to the construction. However, a friend of mine had used that one and said it wasn’t so bad, so you would be the one to judge.

Being a freelance in New York, it’s always challenging to find a good and quiet spot to work. Sure, working from home costs nothing, but with Netflix, and cable TV are around begging you to use them, getting out of the apartment to be productive is a must. Finding a spot at local cafés is like playing musical chairs; people don’t tend to leave as soon as you show up wanting to share a seat. With breather, you book hours via your phone and through their app. Once you booked it, you will receive your confirmation e-mail with instructions and code to get in.

So, bring yourself, your laptop, gadgets and phone! My favorite Breather spot so far is Flatiron 2 located in the heart of Flatiron District. I was quite excited when I found out that it is literally half a block from Eataly (My other favorite dining spot.) Once you get there, you tell the doorman that you are there for Breather. Only a sweet short ride in a modern elevator, you will find your destiny right on your right. (There’s sign, you won’t get lost, I promise) I suggest that you get there a few minutes before your appointment. Breather allows you to check in 10 minutes early, in my case, I checked my app and it said that I could start using the room 10 minutes before. Then, you punch in your code to unlock the door. Voilà!


Instructions are mounted on the walls: wifi, password, rules, directions to the restroom on site. You can hang up your jacket, coat, bag, etc. on the hook provided. I did see a mat that looks kind of like a yoga mat. I think that was quite neat. The furniture in the room is more than I need since I picked the room that could fit eight people. There is a huge comfy couch, a comfy chair, a coffee table, two long tables with chairs, plenty of lighting, a white board with washable markers and some pencils and pens.


Feel free to take the Tootsie Rolls left for you in a huge jar. The room temperature is perfectly cool that you could seriously fall asleep. Although, my purposes are you relax and get some work done, so first thing I did was to use their notepad and a pen, why not, they are there for you to use. I regretted only booking it for an hour and wasn’t able to extend another hour because someone else had booked the room right after me. Oh well, there’s always next time, right? Oh, FYI, feel free to charge your phone there as they have this huge charging station with all kinds of chargers and really worked wonder. I did charge my iPhone 5 and Mophie charger.

$25/hour is not cheap if you’re booking long hours, but if you don’t want to fight for workspace with other people at your local cafés, Breather is an alternative new way to escape the busy city and get some peace and quiet. Next time you want to host a meeting, interview, or get some work done or rest/recharge between meeting, try Breather and let them know I sent you.