It’s that time of year again for those who breathe in fashion. NYFW! (New York Fashion Week sponsored by Mercedes Benz) NYFW kicks off this week, September 4th, and goes on till September 11th. The main event may be at Lincoln Center, but a new host of events are growing, scattered around Manhattan. So much is going on in the city and I love seeing people dressed up fashionably and over the top everywhere I go.

I’m booked for a couple events during this Fashion Week, and today, I was very excited to attend Triumph Hotel’s Manicure Pop-Up Event.

What is Triumph Hotel’s Manicure Pop-Up Event?

On September 4th, 5th, 8th & 9th, Triumph Hotels are inviting NYC to experience a complimentary “polish change” from cityMANI with Triumph Hotels’ custom-branded Pretty Please Nail Polish. Triumph Hotels, a New York-centric hospitality brand, offers ‘polished’ accommodations throughout New York City in various neighborhoods including the Theater District, Tribeca and Upper West Side. No matter where you are during NYFW, all are invited to enjoy a quick nail-makeover before making your way to Lincoln Center where all the magic happens.

Okay—okay, but where and when?

Hotel Belleclaire, 250 West 77th Street and Broadway, Thursday, September 4th: 10am – 2pm

The Cosmopolitan Hotel Tribeca, 95 W Broadway and Chambers Street, Friday, September 5th: 10am – 2pm

Washington Jefferson Hotel, 318 W 51st Street between 8th and 9th Ave, Monday, September 8th: 10am – 2pm

The Gershwin Hotel, E 27th Street between Madison and 5th Ave, Tuesday, September 9th: 10am – 2pm

Can I pick my own color?

Yes, enjoy these nail polish colors by Pretty Please Nail Polish.


-Hotel Belleclaire: #3 “Raspberry” The Belle-claire of the Ball

-Hotel Chandler: #18 “Burgundy” Chandler Cabernet

-The Iroquois: #12 “Light Pink” Don’t Be So Iro-quois

-The Cosmopolitan: #13 “Navy Blue” Blueberry Cosmopolitan

-The Gershwin: #2 “Grape Purple” GershWine Night

-Washington Jefferson: #23 “Pastel Blue” WJ Up Up and Away

I chose to attend their event at Hotel Belleclaire today on the Upper West Side and my nails cried tears of joy from getting a much needed pampering. I picked the color “The Gershwin: #2 “Grape Purple” GershWine Night” and I couldn’t be happier with how the color came out.


My manicurist, Shannon from cityMANI, was very professional and she took her time, working swiftly. The whole process was less than 30 minutes, and I got to take some photos at the hotel’s step and repeat in the lobby before I headed out.



On my way to my next appointment, I stopped at Lincoln Center to see some action since I had some time.


Everyone was dressed to impress and it was so much fun to look at; now I have some idea of what I should put together for my next event! So how are you getting ready for NYFW?



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