Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus were the first cast members to show up on the PaleyFest red carpet, both looking amazingly sharp. They greeted the press and were ready to answer questions.


About the phenomenon of The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln: I think the first time someone showed me my face tattoo on their leg is probably the most overwhelming thing ever happened to me and probably ever will happen to me. I think it was last year at Comic Con, or maybe two years ago. It’s astonishing!


About Carol’s return, and the looming aspect of the banishment

Andrew Lincoln: It will be on soon in the first episode tomorrow night. (October 12th)

About Rick’s character in Season 5

Andrew Lincoln: Butt kicking Rick is exactly what I’m gonna be doing.

Advice to give to someone if they were in a relationship during the apocalypse.

Andrew Lincoln: Keep the person alive, for one, would be the first priority.

Norman Reedus was up next and he answered some questions


Working with Melissa McBride

Norman Reedus: You know, I started off with Melissa and I not really knowing each other, then learning together… She was kind of like my scene partner. We became very close and I respect her as an actor. Not only do our characters have a lot in common, she’s my buddy and I care a lot about her.

On Michael Cudlitz (Plays Sgt. Abraham Ford)

Norman Reedus: Who’s Michael? [Laughs] He’s an alright guy. I mean, I like Michael. He’s a lot of fun. I like him as an actor and I’m sure at some point I’d fuck with Michael. [Laughs]

Working with the cast of The Walking Dead


Norman Reedus: There’s such great energy because we all are such good friends.

As the rest of the cast were headed to the panel, we got a chance to chat with Chad L. Coleman who plays Tyreese.


About Season 5

Chad L. Coleman: Anyone could be a threat. Anything is possibility.

Teasers for Season Premiere

Chad L. Coleman: Wow. Everybody is going to hell real fast, I’m telling you. [Laughs] Things go bad real quick, trust me. [Laughs]

The Walking Dead season premiere is back tonight (October 12th) at 9PM on AMC!