The last time Kipling threw their party at Grand Central
, I had one of the best manicures and even won a beautiful handbag. This time Kipling hosted another party on Greene Street in SoHo. Once you entered this party, the first thing you see is a fondue station, with butter cookies topped with some melted chocolate, and a tray of sprinkles you get to sprinkle your own cookies with.



Then there was a tattoo station, but I skipped that one and headed to the station where you could get your own personalized Kipling notebook.


Then there’s a huge line for getting your Kipling bag with a complimentary monogram. Of course, I had my husband get in line while I cruised around the party like a smart woman. I love how organized this party was. Once you ordered your bag, we stepped away to go check out the Photo-booth GIF. We took multiple photos for GIFs to post to Instagram, and had them printed out our photos. Yay! More pictures on our fridge!

The party was jam packed so we left before the mini-concert, but all in all we had a great time and who wouldn’t be happy since we received our early X-Mas gift from Santa (Kipling!) and they were wrapped pretty under Kipling wrapping paper made specially for the Kipling Holiday event!