When I received an e-mail from Eventbrite suggesting all these NYC “must go-to” events, the first I spotted was Birchbox and Buzzfeed Life Co-host. Just their names alone, it was guaranteed some fun ahead and I wasn’t disappointed! I got to Birchbox SoHo about 15 minutes early and because it was raining all day, I hoped that I wouldn’t get turned away. Birchbox girls were super-friendly and very welcoming! As I apologetically let them know I was early (and had nowhere to go) and guess what, they smiled and said, “Well, come on in and get settled!” I wasn’t alone as there were the others showing up early as well. We were greeted with assorted cookies and hot cocoa with marshmallows.


I walked around checking the products, and seriously, I wish I could have everything!


You can get touch up make up with Birchbox professional makeup artists or get your hair done downstairs.


I was lucky I was the first person they called in and Gigi, my wonderfully amazing hair stylist with the magic touch, worked swiftly and professionally on my hair. Voilà! All set and ready to go! I wanted to get a touch-up on my makeup, too, but because of the number of guests that attended this event was pretty overwhelming so I would rather walk around and check out products.


I had my eyes on so many products and definitely will have to make another visit real soon. If you are around West Broadway in SoHo, you have to check out Birchbox SoHo, not only can you find your beauty products, you can also get beauty services here as well; makeup, hairdo, and even manicure!