There’s no need to go to Atlanta to meet the cast of The Walking Dead when your favorites are coming to a convention near you. We were lucky enough to attend the New York and New Jersey Walker Stalker Con. It was quite easy to get to the convention. We took the bus from Port Authority and were dropped off right in front of the convention center. The con started at 9 AM, but there were lines out the door to get in. We went straight to check out the pressroom, but somehow ended up in the talent room. Oh hello, Beth Greene. Um, I mean the beautiful Emily Kinney chilling in the room, so we left quickly and voilà! We found the pressroom. Later we decided to wander around the event. The space was occupied by a lot of signing booths that were set up and fans of TWD started pouring in. The place was absolutely jammed pack. From what I observed, Norman Reedus‘ signing booth was probably the largest and the busiest! I could barely see him through the sea of people.

We were scheduled for an interview with Brighton Sharbino, AKA Lizzie. Remember this quote, “Just look at the flowers.” I was literally in tears from watching that scene, it was probably one of the hardest moments to watch when Carol had to do that to Lizzie. Before heading back to the pressroom, I found some cool magnets made by this Illustrator, Big Purple Glasses. I bought 3 of them and planned on giving Brighton one that has her character on. We got there early and met with her team who arrived only a little after us.

Check out our interview with Brighton Sharbino below

I gave her the magnet and she was super-excited and happy. Did you Miss the Walker Stalker Con? Those in the Bay Area can get your tickets to the next one in San Francisco January 30th – February 1st, 2015. Check out their website and Facebook page!

For more work by Big Purple Glasses, and to get your own Walking Dead memorabilia, check out their online store here