The last time I had a chat with Joel Garland and Catherine Curtin was a little after Season two of Orange is the New Black (OITNB) was officially released. I still remember how much we all laughed and enjoyed our lunch. This time we chat about pretty much anything from random topics like a Twitter hack, hibachi, food, and Maine Coon cats. I have to say these two are great company to have and they raised the bar so high and this interview is most enjoyable one

Joel: Let’s start with Cathy’s Twitter experience. So you weren’t hacked? think your 13 year old nephew has been on your Twitter account and talking to me.

Cathy: [Laughs] Yes, he’s actually 19. I told him to say everything to answer those questions since he’s great with Twitter and very fast. I could use some help. I told him to just answer everything with “Awesome” “Sounds great!” “Amazing!” “Thank you” and he answered this question” What’s it like making out with Joel?” with “Awesome. Great! Fantastic!” [Laughs]

Joel: So suddenly the Twitter world is “Oh, they like making out!” [Laughs] And I’m like “Thanks, Cathy. Blushing”

KR: So, you didn’t know that wasn’t her?

Joel: No! I thought Cathy was going off the wall! [Laughs]

Cathy: Then I thought, “Oh no! Please forgive me! Please tell your wife!”

Joel: And your son has been on your Twitter as well?

Cathy: My son has been on my Twitter because he loves Gold Rush that’s on Friday night on Discovery channel because he loves big trucks, some cranes…

Joel: Some gold mining…

Cathy: well, he loves equipment and they have HUGE equipment on that and it’s amazing for an 8 year old. Then he got on Twitter with people that were answering questions to the stars of Gold Rush

Joel: And people were like, “Wow! Cathy from OITNB loves watching Gold Rush!” Did they send you free things?

Cathy: Not yet.

KR: After this interview, they might. [Laughs]

Joel: T-shirts would be nice.

Cathy: They should. [Laughs]

Joel: Maybe they’ll send you a giant machine. [Laughs] Anyway, you know my rule on Twitter?

Cathy: What?

Joel: Communicate everybody on Twitter as if they might 13-year-old girl. Anything you write on Twitter, you imagine if a 13-year-old girl was reading it.

Cathy: What?!

Joel: Because it makes you a good person.

Cathy: You mean like so we don’t be mean?

KR: To be a good role model?

Joel: I mean, so you don’t say any inappropriate things. I’m an adult man. I don’t have a G rating, but I can have a PG-13 rating so anything I write, I try to be mindful.

KR: I bet those tweets with “Great, awesome, fantastic” are still there. I’m going to have a look. [Laughs]

Joel: Yeah, go have a look! I bet she hasn’t deleted them.

Cathy: [Laughs] They all are still there. I wouldn’t know how to delete them.

Joel: But really, do think that’s a good policy? You behave yourself with all other people.

Cathy: Yeah, I think so.

KR: And no one has ever hacked your account, right, Joel?

Joel: No, but I panicked once. Somebody I follow started sending me this Russian weight loss link and I really wanted to believe that one. [Laughs] So, I clicked the link and they asked for my banking information…. I changed all of my passwords. [Laughs]

Cathy: Wow. Good to know.

Joel: Yeah. If you get anything sent from me saying ” Hey, Cathy! Lose 10 pounds!” be assured I got hacked. [Laughs] I would never in my life recommend that. So, what if a 13-year-old hacked into your e-mail account and told you this “Wow, Cathy, your password wasn’t so good.”

Cathy: [Laughs] Okay, first off, why would you want to hack my email account? It’s so boring. It would be like when is my son’s swimming lesson? Or is there a book at Barnes & Noble that would teach you how to do a 4th grade math?

Joel: Wait, you would email it that question? You wouldn’t just Google that? Who did you write that e-mail to? [Laughs]

Cathy: [Laughs] Some girl friends of mine. I mean, if the hackers wanted to be bored by all the info about the 4th grade math then be it. [Laughs]

Joel: Do you use Gmail? Or AOL?

Cathy: AOL. You are so mean.

Joel: [Laughs] You see, she’s so fun to tease.

KR: You guys are so fun to watch. I’m in tears. [Laughs]

Joel: Oh, did you know that Cathy just joined Instagram?

KR: Yes! I’m following her!

Cathy: I remember that you were telling me Instagram was fun and better than anything else.

KR: And we can agree now?

Cathy: It’s fun and I love taking photos and posting them on Instagram now.

Joel: So we can confirm that her account is legit.

Cathy: Yes! You can follow the real me.

Joel: By the way, you guys cook? I have a question… My oven broke but I bought a pound organic beef ribs and can’t re-freeze them. My stovetop works so what should I do?

Cathy: When did you defrost them?

Joel: Last night until today.

Cathy: You got to eat them tonight or tomorrow.

Joel: You have advice on how to cook them?

Cathy: Yeah, I’d go to a friend’s house.

Joel: [Laughs] I didn’t think that answer.

Cathy & KR: Slow cook them!

Joel: It’s kind of a shame to use good meat for stew meat.

KR: You got to go to your friend’s house.

Cathy: Which house are you going to?

Joel: You know what, I’m going to your house for the hibachi. [Laughs]

We chatted about Hibachi and food for a while until Cathy mentioned her cats.

Cathy: I love my cats. My cats are really cool. Lucy is probably the prettiest. She is Persian mixed with Coon. It’s down south where I got her. She was a rescue. They mixed breeds. There was a time where they were mixing raccoons and Persians.

Joel: No, not a raccoon.

Cathy: This cat is big as a dog.

KR: You meant Maine Coon?

Joel: Yeah, it’s a Maine Coon cat, NOT a raccoon. You can’t mix a raccoon with a cat. They are not compatible! [Laughs]

Cathy: [Laughs] But, what’s Maine Coon?

Joel: They are large cats. I mean certain species can mix like a lion and a tiger can have a kid, but certainly not a raccoon and a cat. This is very well documented.

Cathy: This is what I like about you. You are very smart.

KR: I agree with you. He knows so much about a lot of things. I remember we had a good talk about cameras and phones awhile back. I was very impressed.

Joel: Thanks, guys, but really, it’s a Maine Coon cat, not a raccoon. [Laughs]

Cathy: Oh… But you should see this cat. It’s a HUGE cat.

Joel: Does his belly drag on the ground?

Cathy: Yeah, huge cat and huge paws!

KR: Anyway, what shows have you guys been watching?

Cathy: Oh, I just started watching this show called “Getting on.” It’s so funny.

Joel: The British or American version?

Cathy: American. It’s SO funny! I’ve also watched a few episodes of Girls and that is awesome. It’s good. It’s very unique.

Joel: All right, I’ve got to watch this show. I like HBO. Do we have that on Netflix?

KR: Nope. Check HBO On Demand.

Joel: If it’s on Amazon Prime, then I have that.

Cathy: Have you watch Transparent?

Joel: Yes, that and Enlightened are great. Enlightened is like our show, it’s “Dramedy” (Comedy-drama), but only half an hour. It’s smart and very watchable. It’s not a laugh out loud comedy, but it’s great.

KR: Ah, I don’t have Amazon Prime.

Cathy: You can try it 30 days for free you know that?

Joel: But who would want that when you have Netflix.

Cathy: [Laughs] Kiss ass. That’s very true. We have Netflix.

KR: I just started watching Marco Polo. I didn’t get very far though.

Joel: Oh, How was it?

KR: It’s interesting. Almost every character speaks in a British accent.

Joel: Oh yeah? We had the same DP on Orange. That’s why I want to watch Marco Polo.

KR: Anyway, you guys are going to SAG Awards?

Joel: Yup.

KR: How are you guys getting ready for this?

Cathy: It would be easier for Joel, I’m sure.

Joel: Really? Why did you think that?

Cathy: Because you don’t have to find a dress. I’m sweating here looking for a dress.

Joel: Well, how are you finding it?

Cathy: I’ve got to call my stylist.

Joel: Great. You are meeting with your stylist and you are going to get a free dress. Or you call your cast mates and those girls will know somebody who knows somebody because they would want you to be in their dress. Tuxedo? I will have to buy something.

Cathy: You see? That will be good for you because you will be going to events and on one would notice much and you can be photographed in that tuxedo more than once, but dresses? You can’t wear the same one. I can’t be photographed in that dress again.

Joel: Yeah, that’s double standard. You’re right.

Cathy: Do you know who else would be there?

Joel: I know some but I don’t want to spill the beans. [Laughs] I think a lot of people will be there. Kimiko, Jessica…

Cathy: Laura Gomez will be there. She’s my date! I think Alysia will be there since she’s in LA.

Joel: Yeah, she does a bunch of stuff. Oh, Matt McGorry will definitely be there because he’s the SAG ambassador of the Internet. If he’s not there, that’s trouble. [Laughs]

Cathy: So Netflix is going to pick us up then drop us off. I like that because I didn’t want to have to drive that day.

KR: Too bad we can’t talk about Season Three.

Joel: Of course, we can talk about it. They shot it. That’s it. [Laughs] All done. What else you want to know?

Cathy: It’s awesome.

Joel: And some of it was in prison. That’s a big spoiler there, Anne.

KR: What are the fan reactions after the show released?

Cathy: People do double take. They can’t quite figure out if I was Wanda Bell. My niece is a huge fan of the show. She’s 18. If she walks around New York with me and I get stopped, she’d be very excited.

KR: How about you, Joel? How has it been so far? Have you been recognized by fans?

Joel: It changes a things little bit. I like being in public. I like people watching as a pastime. Something about that has changed, maybe too much watching back. I really love sitting in a coffee shop observing people. I like to see how they walk, how they talk, or how they fight with each other.

Cathy: [Laughs] You like watching people fight?

Joel: I do. Now, it’s harder to watch people in secret. So, I miss that but, you know, you work really hard as an actor, you finally get a great opportunity, something important you get to be a part of and you have to embrace the whole enchilada. I believe in the quality of the writing. I work with people whom I am genuinely proud to say are my co-workers. I’m so happy to be a part of this great group or people.

Cathy: And we have the nicest boss ever. I really like the people who produce our show. Everybody is so kind. I’ve been on a job in my life and sometimes, like everybody in the world, your boss can be a jerk, but not these people. They are such human beings and they are the nicest bosses you can have your whole life.

Joel: That goes all the way. It starts with Jenji [Kohan], Lisa [Vinnecour], the whole crew that’s working on the show, Netflix and Lionsgate. Across the board, this show has been a pleasure. So if that means I have a little less privacy in my life, then it’s okay because I have such a great opportunity to work on something I believe in.

KR: very well said. Thank you both so much for your time. Have a great time at the SAG Awards.

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