This weekend is the opening day of The Hunger Games: The Exhibition in San Francisco at Palace of The Fine Arts. 


We purchased the tickets online just the night before. It was pretty crowded on its first day. Before going in, there is a green screen upfront where you can have your pictures taken while you do signature poses from the movie (The three-finger salute, firing an arrow, etc.) Then you’re escorted to a waiting room where you are greeted by a projection of Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket as a compilation of all three movies are shown on the screen. 

Once the intro is over, the doors swing open to reveal a showcase of each iconic Hunger Games set. The highlight of the exhibition was seeing the costumes from The Hunger Games characters! 


My favorites would be Katniss’ costumes, of course. Cinna’s sketchbook was remarkable as well. 

One of the incredibly entertaining things you get to do is make your own “Propo” (meaning a “Propaganda” video for non-Hunger Games fans.) We had a wonderful time just walking around the exhibit and participate in a few fun activities provided for the fans.  


  I would go on and on about how cool this event is, but I’d rather not spoil it. Come see it for yourself, if you are in the SF Bay Area. Just the location itself is breathtaking as outside of the exhibition surrounded by beautiful architecture and not far from there, you can check out the Golden Gate Bridge, the park, and much more.