When your good friend who lives in LA invited you to Warner Bros. Studio, you say YES! And if she asked if you would like to be her guest to check out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™? You Say YES!

Flying from SFO to LAX is a short ride, which about 45 minutes. However, taking a Lyft car from LAX to Burbank could take awhile (LA is a parking lot unless you take the side streets.) Luckily, I had a $5 discount on my ride that I got from signing up for Lyft. (Use my code for your first free ride here

When you first arrive at Warner Bros. Studio, you cannot go beyond Gate 3. That’s where you get dropped off and security will check if your name is on the visitor list. Once you are confirmed, they hand a pass to you and you will have to walk across the street to Gate 2 where you have to go through security. To be honest, the amount of stages on the lot is overwhelming. On my way there, I walked pass Ellen DeGeneres’ studio. Her security guy was nothing but kind to me. He directed me to where I needed to be. I headed over to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour (Stage 48) by a bright red fancy cart. Being a huge fan of the show Friends and the Harry Potter books, this place is a must see for me. 


Once you walk in, Central Perk Cafe is right out front. I was very impressed by many production photos hung on the walls. There was also a Central Perk set where you could sit on the couch for a photo opportunity. 

You can also go behind the counter pretending that you were Rachel Green! I was told that the coffee pot was the actual one that they used!

Another highlight of this studio is hands down the green screen studio where you can film an actual video! I picked Harry Potter, obviously. 


You put a cloak on then get on the harness and move around as directed. I was very impressed with how well it turned out so I purchased the photo and video, which comes in a small USB placed nicely in a silver tin box with “Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood” on it. 

Later on, I left the studio and headed to WB museum (stage 68), which took five minutes and two people to direct me towards the place. Since I was a visitor, I needed to check in with the front desk then feel free to walk around the first and second floor. 

The first floor is filled with costumes from DC Comics and the 2nd is filled with costumes and props from Harry Potter. Right in the middle of the 2nd floor, you can try the sorting hat. I sat on it and prayed that Gryffindor was calling for me and it did!

Checking out Cafeteria was my next destination and my friend raved so much about the Mexican food there. I had to say, it blew my mind from the first bite to last. It was spicy, but good spicy! I tried to remind myself not to eat too much since we would be spending the rest of the day at the theme park so avoiding eating too much is wise.


Once we got to Universal Studios, we went straight to check out Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Even though, it hasn’t been officially open to public yet, but it was jam-packed with Warner Bros. Employees! People lined up everywhere and the weather that day was just so tropical for everyone. Since I have already been to the one in Florida, I have got to say that it looks very similar. 

We had to walk around the corridor to get to the ride up top. On the way there Dumbledore and the books’ three main characters greet you: Harry, Hermione and Ron.
Once we get to the top, we were escorted to the car ride and handed a pair of 3D glasses. I won’t spoil it but it was very fun. Only one minus point is when there was some technical issue that got us stuck on the ride for a couple minutes but then it went smoothly and got to the fun part where you sort of being brought to the Quidditch match with Harry, Ron, and Malfoy. All right, I think I have to zip my mouth now before spoiling it all!


I guess my next destination is probably Warner Bros. studio in London! Ooh, also the one in Japan! Hope you enjoy my adventure! Until next time . . . XO