I’m really glad to hear all the feedbacks I’ve gotten from my friends and other bloggers about my blog. They noticed that I use pretty much same ingredients for most of the food I cook. That being said, I told my close friend Belinda that I wasn’t sure if people would care so much about the ingredients or even the brands I preferred and she said “when you’re in a culture, sometimes you don’t realize how little people outside the culture know about it” and that inspired me to blog about my main ingredients!

1. Oyster sauce – I usually go to big Asian groceries because they have more selections. The brand is สามแม่ครัว. It’s a Thai brand which you will see a picture of a Thai woman cooking something and using this oyster sauce! The price is $2.99 and you get a HUGE bottle which lasts for MONTHS!

2. Soy sauce – same brand, but slightly smaller for $1.99. This will stay in your kitchen cabinet for months as well. They have more selections at the store, but I picked ” Soya Sauce Formula 1 ”

3. Black pepper – this can be any brands you like, but my husband bought me this one so I’ll probably use it till it’s finished.

4. Salt – I have been loyal to Celtic Sea Salt.

5. Sugar – my fav at the moment is Sugar In The Raw. Try to use brown, raw sugar to keep it healthy!

These are my main ingredients! But, I would throw in some fav others like;

1. Green Curry Paste – MAESRI is by far the best! Depends on how spicy you like and the amount of meat and vegetables you prepare as well. You buy a can, you can cook green curry TWICE. Half a can is enough for a small family like mine. You can either get this from an Asian grocery, but a few months ago I discovered it at Target in the ethnic food section!

2. Coconut milk – my fav brand is Chao Koh. Available in most Asian groceries, Target AND recently I found out that Duane Reade carries it!