Happy Valentines Day! Hope you have a great V-Day! I cooked some dinner for both of us. Stir Fry Tofu With Veggies was quite easy to make and it’s also healthy!

Here are the simple ingredients ;

• Tofu – select the firm kind so it doesn’t break and gets all mushy

• Vegeatables – can be anything you like really, though I always use carrots, and cauliflowers. I suggest some snow peas, too, because it makes good stir fry!

• 4-5 cloves of garlic

• 1 bunch of parsley – use 1/3 or 2/3

• vegetable oil, oyster sauce, brown sugar

First get those ingredients out and cut up the veggies, and tofu into tiny cubes. Mince the garlic. Turn on the stove and use medium high heat.Pour a little vegetable oil on the saucepan. Fry the garlic till they turn a little brown ( don’t burn them! ) Add carrots and stir fry for a couple minutes then add the cauliflowers and cook till they are soft but not too soft. Add the tofu and cook as desired. ( I like it cooked, but soft so it requires about 10 minutes simmering ) Since this meal takes less than 30 minutes, I make some fried some eggs to go with it and cut up some cucumbers! As much as I like tofu, I think I’m going to cook some meat soon! 😀

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