My husband and I went out to a famous Thai restaurant in Woodside, Queens. The food was great, except Khai-Pad-Prik-Khing. The reason why we weren’t satisfied is that the taste was quite strong and we wished they had put more string beans in. We asked them to pack it for us to go and the next day, I went to get more string beans and decided to give this dish another try.


Here is how I fix it ;

Cut up some string beans and mince up some garlic and take out some ingredients like oyster sauce, soy sauce and brown sugar (because this meal could be spicy when you only add a little string beans)

First, stir fry the string beans with garlic. Add a little of soy sauce, oyster sauce and a little brown sugar then add the leftover Khai-pad-prik-khing and add a little water. Taste and adjust it by using those ingredients mentioned earlier.





My husband came up with a genius idea of frying the egg (sunny upside egg) and put it on top of the rice and leave the Khai-Pad-Prik-Khing (chicken with string beans) on the side! Now, this Definitely improves the look of the leftover!