20130220-135344.jpgI had never made rice porridge before until last night when I got a text from my husband saying that he wasn’t well and if I could make him rice porridge. The alarm in my head was going off, but I thought that if I could make rice soup, then rice porridge should be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any meats, but cold cuts that I just bought. Well, as my grandma always said to me, meat is meat. It doesn’t matter what, lol. I guess I could sprinkle some hams. Also, I would recommend to have some cooked rice ready before this.

Ok, here comes the ingredients ;

cooked rice – I use all we have in 1 container

2 eggs

hams – I only use a couple slices ans mince them up

Cilantro – I have been mistaken cilantro with parsley so my husband bought me parsley and I had to use it. It tastes a little bitter so I learned from y mistake. You’re better off using cilantro!

Carrots – as much as you like!

4 cups of chicken broth

3 cups of water

Soy sauce, oyster sauce and a little brown sugar

If you want to add celeries, feel free!

Always prep everything beforehand so the cooking goes smoothly. Cut up veggies and meat. Meat needs to be marinaded so it tastes better ( in case you like to use minced chicken/pork/beef)

Start by heating up the broth, before bringing it to boil, add 3 cups of water. Then add cut up carrots. Next, pour some cooked rice in and stir for awhile. Whisk 2 eggs and pour it into the pot and mix well. When it’s boiled, lower the heat and add the meat. Lastly, add some minced cilantro. Cover it and simmer for awhile till the rice feel soft like oat meal. ( that’s how I know that it’s done)