I consider myself a recycle freak. I try to recycle what I can. I rinse before I recycle. I just found out today that we can now recycle more stuff, and I’m pretty excited about this!

I really like the slogan ” If you can tear it, we can take it”
I often get annoyed when people throw in paper towels in recycling bin or a pizza box with some leftover pizzas in it. Come on, it doesn’t hurt to use a little more of your energy to just pick up the leftovers and dump them in the trash.

I’m just so glad that we can now recycle even more types of plastics. And for the first time, we can recycle all rigid plastics, including plastic bottles, yogurt containers, plastic cups, plastic toys and more!
Everyone should know that by doing your part to recycle, we can reduce the amount of waste that New Yorkers send to landfills and save money. More importantly, save environment!

I’m going to keep this sign on my refrigerator to remind me and my husband so that we recycle the right things. We are trying to do our part. Are you doing yours?

For more info, visit www.nyc.gov or dial 311.