I have always wanted to give back to community. I have supported some organizations and good causes such as St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital, Crowdrise, and Redcross, but I haven’t done much in the past.

Recently, I have received a lot of support from the Twitter and Kickstarter communities and I was able to get my first children’s book published on Blurb.com in hard copy and digitally on iBookstore. I have promised a lot of people that once my book got published, I would donate my book copies and do more for community. Last month, I received an e-mail from Godiva announcing that they created a program called Godiva Gives Day which people can sign up and create the event to do good deeds for their communities. I instantly thought of a book drive since I have my own book copies to give to children in need.
I reached out to Queens Library : Jackson Heights branch first and informed them about my book drive, and they were interested! Then I used Twitter to reach out to The Children’s Aid Society, and they were extremely grateful that I reached out to them. Later on, I also reached out to Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, and they were very cooperative and gave me the info of what they were looking in the donations and I was glad I got that info so I could be specific to people who wanted to donate books to our project.
Here are what we do not accept;
  • Books with markings, heavy wear, water damage, missing pages or covers, mildew, or strong odors.
  • VHS, audio cassettes, magazines (except for literary magazines), encyclopedias, or any dated material such as travel guides that are more than a year old.

The book drive event will be held in Bryant Park, Manhattan. It’s a 3 hour event on July 20th, 2013 from 11 am – 2 pm. I’m hosting this event with my husband, Jason Robertson, and my good friend, Maria Cortez. We are hoping that we will get others to volunteer for this good cause. The more the merrier! Sponsors are absolutely welcome! I hope that we receive a lot of books to give to children in need.

For more info :

If you can’t volunteer, you can bring books and stop by! Thank you!