Designed by Gam Jewelry.

Recently I’ve been getting crazy about jewelry. Spring really brings that feeling when you’re no longer confined to bundling up during Winter. (Sadly, it’s still very cold in NYC.)

Last year, I went to the KiraKira benefit event at the Carlton Hotel in New York, and fell in love with their necklace; the collaboration between KiraKira and Alysia Reiner. Since then, I have been paying much more attention to jewelry. I don’t usually wear a lot of jewelry, besides my daily wear being rings. As I’ve grown I’ve found a lighthearted pleasure in adorning some necklaces and earrings.

I recently had the opportunity to work as a member of press on PaleyFest. The very first thing I did, once I learned that I was approved, was to contact my friend, Gam, the designer jeweler of Design By Gam. Gam makes simple, elegant, and custom jewelry. Her pieces feel like extensions of your body and style, not just accessories. We both discussed about what would go with my outfit and conceived of a pearl stud earrings and beaded-string necklace.

I knew that there was no dress code for this event, but as I’ve been saying my whole life, you always want to make a first impression. The way you dress shows how much respect you have for the place you go and what you do. Gam worked on my necklace overnight and had it shipped directly to where I was staying in LA. She kept me up to date on the process of her work with photos, and I was really impressed by her turnover rate. The necklace and earrings were well wrapped in a jewelry box. I was beyond delighted! Everything looks so perfect and elegant! The necklace and earrings complimented my outfits and people noticed that!

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Custom 18 inch Pearl Necklace.


Pearl Stud Earrings


Displaying my pearl necklace, designed by Gam, at Saks' event.