Ladurée is putting on display a full-sized dessert carriage featuring a selection of their famous treats.


How do you find the pop-up? Located on the 2nd floor of Bloomingdales on Third Avenue, (near women’s clothing section) the first items you will see are their renowned displays: teas, macarons, and limited edition candles and home fragrances.


Since it’s opening last Friday, I’ve been there twice so far. Before you get devastated for missing this event, don’t worry! It doesn’t end till April 2nd. Go grab some of their signature macarons and maybe snatch one of their super cute tote bags!



At my first time stopping by, I bought some macarons in their latest offerings, a special Valentine’s Day box. (The rule is that you can only get a special box with an order of eight or more.) I would normally avoid getting so many delights in one purchase, but once I saw their signature box (YES, you guys, I’m weak!) How could I say no? These Ladurée macarons are screaming for my attention and besides, I won’t be eating alone. I’ll just share the extra two with my husband on Valentine’s Day.


What about you? Can’t think of any gifts for Valentine’s Day? Think you can resist Ladurée’s delicacies? Check out the Ladurée pop-up carriage at Bloomingdales and see if you can defy temptation and walk away empty handed.